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Many passengers arriving in the UK to seek treatment do not need a specific medical visa. A UK eTA, EVW or Visitors Visa can often be enough to be granted entry to the country for these reasons.

This page looks at who can enter the UK with a visa or visa waiver for medical treatment. It also details the criteria you will need to meet and the evidence you may be asked to provide during the application process.

Who can travel with a UK medical visa?

A number of visas for tourists or visa waivers can be used for short-term medical purposes. However, for other cases, a full medical visa will be necessary to enter the UK. In all situations, these are only available to travellers seeking private consultations or therapy.

Those travelling to the UK for private medical care and who meet the correct requirements, will be able to apply for an eTA visa waiver for the UK when it launches. This is expected to be available in the near future for European Economic Area (EEA) citizens as well as other non-visa nationals.

Alternatively, nationals from Kuwait, Oman, Qatar and the UAE may visit the UK for short term private medical treatment of no more 180 days with an Electronic Visa Waiver (EVW). The EVW online travel authorization is only available to these 4 nationalities.

For citizens from ineligible countries, a Visitor Visa can also be used.

What criteria must medical travellers meet?

The British government has many essential prerequisites that must be met by foreign citizens entering the country for medical purposes. With a UK eTA or EVW, it’s not automatically necessary to provide additional evidence and holders can travel to the country for shorter-term treatment.

However, in order to enter the UK with any other type of visa, applicants may be asked to provide evidence that they:

  • Are seeking private treatment
  • Have paid for the consultation or treatment
  • Have sufficient funds to support yourself during your trip
  • Will leave the UK after treatment is complete
  • Don’t pose a danger to public health

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How to extend a medical visa for the UK

It is possible to extend some UK visas for medical purposes. Medical travellers to the UK can stay for up to 11 months in total for an additional fee. However, they will have to demonstrate that they have paid for their treatment whilst in the country and that they will continue to cover the costs of their own therapy.