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Healthcare in the UK for foreign visitors: are NHS services free?

‘Do foreign visitors pay for NHS treatment?’. This is a common question among international travelers planning a stay in the UK, and the answer is not as straightforward as one might expect. After Brexit, in addition to requiring an electronic travel authorisation for the UK, certain nationalities will be required to take additional steps to […]

brexit customs tax rules

Getting ready for Brexit: New customs and tax rules

The end of the UK’s Brexit Withdrawal Agreement (WA) with the EU is fast approaching. Importing goods to the UK after Brexit in 2021 will be quite different from how it is now with new tax rules, procedures and processes to consider. This article considers what importing Brexit goods might look like and examines the […]

uk border control

The UK Border

Discover the UK border’s controls and restrictions and learn what the UK Border Force requires from passengers and how to enter the country securely.