UK eTA for Swiss Citizens

United Kingdom eTA Visa Waiver Requirements from Switzerland

eTA UK Application Process

The eTA UK is the electronic travel document that allows certain foreigners to enter the United Kingdom with a visa waiver after the Brexit.

Citizens of Switzerland can ask the UK eTA online, just like the rest of the European Union country nationals. The process consists of filling in an electronic application form that must be submitted to the UK government for approval.

UK eTA Requirements from Switzerland

The entry requirements to obtain an eTA to the UK are the following for Swiss nationals:

  • To have a valid passport with at least a 6-month validity
  • To have a credit or debit card to pay the visa waiver processing fee
  • To have an active, accessible email address

It is not necessary to upload more documents on the form. Nevertheless, the UK authorities need Swiss applicants to specify their accommodation details (a hotel, a hostel, a family or home address and contact information) and the trip itinerary with the return flight. The date of leaving the United Kingdom must also be known.

The visa waiver to the United Kingdom only accepts biometric passports, which are a new generation of travel documents that connect the information of the passport holder with the eTA. In any case, Swiss travellers must print the eTA, even if the information is interconnected with their passports.

Children from Switzerland who are travelling to the UK with their parents or legal guardians must bring the eTA as well as an adult. They also need to have their biometric passport to require the UK eTA.

Validity and length of stay in the UK as Swiss with an eTA

The UK eTA is the electronic travel authorization or visa waiver that permits to remain in the UK up to 6 months since the moment of entering the island.

The eTA was created for the following scenarios: tourism, business, studies of short-term, and medical treatments.

The UK eTA is a single entry document valid in 3 months since the date of issue. If a Swiss traveller is arriving in the UK with an eTA that has been expedited three months before, the eTA will be expired and the traveller will not be able to enter the country.

How to Apply Online for the eTA UK as Swiss National

Any Swiss national can access the online application form to obtain the UK visa waiver. They only need to follow simple, easy instructions.

The first step is that citizens of Switzerland must submit personal information such as:

  • Full name
  • Date and place of birth
  • Age and gender

Then, they also need to share key passport and travel details such as:

  • Passport number
  • Passport’s expiry date
  • Passport’s issuance date

Certain questions about Swiss applicants’ behaviour can also be asked. For example, if they carry criminal reports or misconduct charges. These are very common questions that most of the countries have in their visa or visa waiver forms.

After having filled in this information, applicants must pay the eTA fee. The payment method is by credit or debit card.

Processing times for obtaining the UK eTA

Once the payment has been completed and accepted, the eTA application will start, which means in no more than 3 business days an email will send with the approval or denial of the visa waiver to Swiss travellers.

If the eTA has been approved, then the visa waiver will be attached at the email. Swiss nationals must print it and bring it to the trip. If it is denied, an email explaining the situation will be sent.

The eTA must be shown at the UK border controls, no matter if travellers from Switzerland are arriving by air, sea, or land.

UK Visas Available for Swiss Nationals

Swiss applicants intending to arrive in the United Kingdom because of other purposes, such as paid work or long-term studies, must obtain the respective visa type offered by the UK.

Important: The UK has also created an EVW. This visa waiver is a document only available for certain countries from the Middle East, such as Oman or the United Arab Emirates. Switzerland cannot ask for this travel document. Due to that fact, Swiss nationals can only apply for the eTA.