UK eTA for Portuguese Citizens

United Kingdom eTA Visa Waiver Requirements from Portugal

eTA Application Process

The eTA to the UK is a travel authorization that Portuguese nationals visiting the United Kingdom need when arriving in the nation.

Since the UK has left the European Union, it is a mandatory requirement to bring the eTA to the UK as a citizen of Portugal. The process for obtaining it is 100% online and available only for certain countries, such as the ones that are part of the EEA (European Economic Area).

Do Portuguese Citizens Need an eTA to the United Kingdom?

Portuguese nationals must apply for an eTA when travelling to the UK. This travel document allows visitors from Portugal to stay at the island for up to 6 consecutive months because of tourism, business, and even short-term studies and medical treatments.

Visitors from Portugal who are interested in arriving in the UK because of work or long-term studies will have to explore other UK visa options directly and the United Kingdom’s embassy in Portugal, placed in Lisbon.

It is worth mentioning that Portuguese travellers must not confuse the UK eTA with the UK EVW, which is another type of visa waiver only available for certain Middle Eastern countries.

eTA UK Requirements as National of Portugal

Portuguese nationals must fit the following requirements for getting an eTA UK:

  • To have a biometric and valid Portuguese passport
  • To have proof of accommodation and the address of the respective hotel or family house where they will stay
  • To have a travel itinerary with arrival and departure dates
  • To have an active email account to receive both eTA UK notifications and the actual visa waiver in PDF format
  • To have a credit or debit card to pay the processing fee associated with the UK visa waiver

Biometric passports are the new generation in travel documents, which allow a digital connection between the eTA and the Portuguese passport used to obtain it. Nevertheless, the eTA to the UK must be printed by nationals of Portugal since authorities will check both the passport and the visa waiver at the UK border controls.

Children from Portugal will also need an eTA to enter the United Kingdom, which can be filled out and obtained by their parents or legal guardians.

The processing times for obtaining the UK eTA are 48-72 hours by the moment the online form is completed and sent to the UK authorities or British Home Office. Despite that, it is highly recommended that Portugal passport holders apply for the eTA at least one week in advance since delays might occur.

How to Apply for an eTA UK From Portugal

The online application form to get the eTA to the UK is a process that any Portuguese citizen with access to the internet and an electronic device can afford. The webpage works perfectly in a smartphone, desktop computer, or tablet.

The application requires an email registration, as all the procedure is online. The eventual communications, updates, and the approval or denial of the eTA by the UK government will be sent by email to Portuguese citizens. For this reason, they should check their inbox and spam box regularly.

The United Kingdom’s eTA application process includes three types of sections:

  • Personal data
  • Security information
  • Payment process

Portuguese applicants must provide their name, address, place of residence and country of birth, as well as age and gender. On the security section, they will encounter questions regarding the Portuguese candidates’ behaviour and the main reason for their trip to the UK.

After having completed these sections, the application goes directly to the payment page. Applicants from Portugal may reimburse the eTA fee with a credit or debit card. It is worth mentioning that the process has all the security guarantees for visitors to use their payment methods.

Once the payment has been settled, the eTA request will arrive at the UK authorities, who will check the application and, in less than 3 business days, will send the eTA approval to the candidate. The document will be attached to an email in PDF format for being printed by Portuguese travellers.

Note: Nationals from Portugal should check that all the information provided is correct and true, as any mistake can cause a delay on the process or even the eTA rejection.