UK eTA for Danish Citizens

United Kingdom eTA Visa Waiver Requirements from Denmark

eTA UK Application Process

The UK electronic travel authorization is a visa waiver that will allow eligible foreign nationals, such as the Danes, to enter the United Kingdom without having to apply for a standard UK visa.

The UK eTA is requested through an online application system where eligible nationals can complete a quick, easy form.

Nationals from Denmark who hold a valid visa waiver to the United Kingdom will only need to show their passport and the travel authorization when entering the country.

Do Danish Nationals Need An eTA To Enter The UK

Yes, Danish nationals will soon need to request a waiver visa to enter the United Kindom.

The UK eTA can be used by Danes for tourism, business, study, and medical purposes for trips of a maximum of 6 months.

Once granted, the UK electronic travel authorization will have a validity period of 6 months and will allow a single entry to the UK territory.

Danish nationals must begin their UK eTA application at least 72 hours prior to their travelling date in order to make sure the visa waiver is approved on time.

UK Visa Waiver Documents And Requirements For Denmark

Requesting an electronic travel authorization to the UK will require Danish applicants to meet all the UK eTA entry requirements, which include having some supporting and travel documents.

The most valuable document necessary is the Danish passport, which must have at least 6 months of validity until its expiry date in order to enter the UK.

Danes must also have a working email address since all communication of status or approval of the UK eTA will be sent to the address provided in the application form.

Confirmed accommodation and itinerary during their stay in the UK is another necessary condition when requesting the UK eTA as well as an onward ticket out of the country.

Other prerequisites for Danish nationals are submitting digital copies of the passport’s biographical page and a photograph of the applicant that should follow specific passport-type guidelines such as:

  • Having a white background.
  • Being front-faced, with the Danish applicant’s face centred and visible.
  • The passenger must show a neutral facial expression.
  • No head garments or sunglasses should appear on the picture.

Finally, it is necessary that Danes have access to a debit or credit card with sufficient funds to cover the UK eTA’s processing fee.

How To Apply For The UK eTA From Denmark

The UK eTA can be requested by citizens of Demark from anywhere at any time by just having a working internet connection, a proper electronic device and all the supporting documents.

Danish applicants must fill in the questionnaire included on the UK visa waiver’s online application form, which only takes 10 to 15 minutes to complete. Nationals from Denmark will find personal questions as well as passport queries.

Identity information:

  • Full name (as it appears on the passport)
  • Age
  • Date and place of birth
  • Religion
  • Marital status
  • Home address and phone number

Passport information:

  • Number
  • Date issued
  • Date of expiration

Other data that should be entered has to do with possible health conditions and criminal records held by Danish passengers.

Before submitting the application, applicants from Denmark must pay for the processing fee of the eTA, which can be completed with a debit or credit card.

Once the information has been carefully revised by the Danes and the application has been submitted, the processing time can take up to a couple of days. When approved, Danish applicants must hold a digital copy or have a printed copy of the eTA to the United Kingdom at the moment of arrival.

Important: The eTA is not the same as a UK EVW, which is another type of visa waiver only available to nationals of 4 Middle Eastern countries. Danish travellers should apply online to the UK eTA.

Entering the United Kingdom From Denmark

When arriving at any port of entry provided by the UK, all Danish citizens must have their valid passport and a copy of their UK eTA since British immigration officials will revise all the provided documents and prove their validation.

The final approval and time allowed to stay in the country will solemnly depend on the decision of the immigration official.

UK’s ports of entry for Danes

The UK has many ports of entry available to Danish nationals, commonly, visitors often enter through any of the 40 commercial airports available, the most transited airports are:

  • London – Heathrow Airport
  • London – Gatwick Airport
  • Manchester Airport

Seaports are also available for Danish visitors, the most transited seaports being:

  • Port of Dover
  • Portsmouth Port
  • The Port of Holyhead

Entering by any seaport is the same as entering by an airport in terms of the UK visa waiver requirements.