UK eTA for Croatian Citizens

United Kingdom eTA Visa Waiver Requirements from Croatia

eTA Application Process

UK has created an electronic travel document, called UK eTA, for international citizens intending to enter the country.

Croatia, as part of the European Economic Area, is eligible to obtain this online visa waiver in a 100% electronic process, which allows Croatian applicants to get the eTA in less than 72 hours in PDF format.

UK eTA’s Entry Conditions From Croatia

Croatians must comply with the following requirements to obtain an eTA UK:

  • To possess a biometric Croatian passport, which can be connected to the UK eTA information
  • To have a credit or debit card, which will be used to complete the eTA fee payment at the end of the process
  • To register an active email account since all information regarding the eTA to the United Kingdom -including notifications and the travel document- will be sent to that account
  • To present a travel itinerary and the accommodation address in the UK

The UK government asks the travel itinerary and the accommodation address because the eTA permits its holder to stay in all the UK for 6 months. After that period, Croatians must leave the country.

Note: The eTA is asked in every border control in the UK, including entries made by sea and air. In the case of Croatians crossing the Pass of Calais with a car, for instance, they will need to present their visa waiver to the United Kingdom just as if they do if they were arriving by plane.

Croatian families travelling with children must ensure that each member, even if they are minors, has their eTA and passport.

How to Apply for the eTA UK as Croatian National

The online application form for the UK eTA has the following steps to be followed by Croatian applicants:

  1. The email registration, which simply means that Croatians must enter a valid email address where later the UK authorities will send the travel authorization
  2. The completion of a questionnaire, which includes questions related to the Croatian applicant’s personal information and also about their travel plans and security issues
  3. The payment process: Once candidates from Croatia have answered the questions, it is necessary to pay the eTA UK processing fee.

When completing the questionnaire, Croatian visitors will be asked to provide the following information:

  • Full name, as it appears on their Croatian passport
  • Date and place of birth
  • Current home address and phone number
  • Security questions related to possible criminal records, if any, and Croatians’ overall behaviour and character

It is important that the information provided by Croatians is accurate, truthful and as complete as possible since any mistake or missing information can cause the rejection of the UK eTA.

Once the payment has been done, the application is submitted to the UK government, which has to check all the applications and has the final decision about its approval or denial, which will be communicated via email at the account registered during the process.

If the eTA is approved, an email will be sent with the travel document attached in a PDF format. The eTA must be printed and brought to the UK together with the Croatian applicant passport.

It is worth noting the credit/debit card information is safe, as all online application process is protected by strict security standards.

eTA to the UK from Croatia: validity and stay

An eTA to the UK is a single-entry document. That means that once Croatian travellers have entered the country with an eTA, they will need to apply again to obtain a new visa waiver if they are planning to leave the country and then enter again.

This electronic travel authorization is valid for 6 months since the date of issue. In this sense, nationals from Croatia must also know that overstaying a visa waiver to the United Kingdom has legal consequences, so it is highly recommended to leave the nation before the eTA expires.

Other UK Visas Available for Croatians

The British government has created the eTA for the following travel purposes:

  • Tourism
  • Business
  • Medical treatments
  • Short-term studies

If Croatian applicants are travelling for other reasons to the United Kingdom, for example, long-term studies or work-related activities., the country offers other visa types for the UK.

Croatians should also notice that there is another type of visa waiver to the UK, which is named UK EVW. However, that travel document is destined to only four Middle Eastern countries, therefore, it is not valid for Croatian travellers.